-- import ""


func Push

func Push(head **Node, data interface{})

Creates new head node with value for a given linked list

type Node

type Node struct {
Data interface{}
Next *Node

Represents node of a linked list

func New

func New(arr []interface{}) *Node

Returns head of linked list containing values of a given array

func (*Node) GetTail

func (head *Node) GetTail() *Node

Returns tail node of linked list or returns nil if it is cyclical

func (*Node) Insert

func (head *Node) Insert(data interface{})

Creates a new node after a given node

func (*Node) IsCyclical

func (head *Node) IsCyclical() bool

Returns true if list is cyclical

func (*Node) String

func (head *Node) String() string

Formats the linked list as a string


  • Simple linked list without any cycles

    (1) -> (2) -> (3)

  • Circular linked list where the tail precedes the head

    (1) -> (2) -> (3) -> HEAD

  • Circular linked list where the tail precedes the nth element after the head

    (1) -> (2) -> (3) -> HEAD~n

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